Paul and Tania’s Wedding
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God is amazing.

I want to say it again.  God is amazing!!


Tania and I met on Facebook on November 17, 2009.   We met in a Church of Christ group on Facebook.  This is when groups were popular on Facebook.  I was living in Indiana at the time and Tania was in Milan, Italy.  She didn’t speak any English and I didn’t speak any Italian!




I know I know.


You are probably asking , “Well, how did you communicate?”.  How did this happen?  How did you keep the relationship going?”


Well, 7 years ago I made a dream board of all of my goals.





I put all of the physical things toward the edges of the board.  I had the most important things in the middle.  I had a a white open space with the words “Jesus Christ” in the middle of my board.






On the left side, I had a headless man in a suit who symbolized me.  I didn’t need to put a head on the man because the head of  any man is Christ.  1 Corinthians 11:3.  On the other side of Christ, I had a woman.  This woman had dark hair.  Then I asked myself’,”Where can I find a woman with dark hair?”  I figured she would be latin.

I figured she would look like Claudia Bassols.



Claudia bassols

Then I asked myself.


“Well, where can I find a latin woman with dark hair?”


I decided to go on Google to find how I could find the latin woman of my dreams.



5 latin languages

I found there are 5 Latin languages


1. Spanish

2. French

3. Portuguese

4. Romanian

5. Italian




I knew the only way I could make it in life was to have Christ at the center of everything.  Jesus had to be at the center of my goals, my dreams, and my marriage.

On this board, I had all of my goals, dreams, and visions.  I spent hours sitting on the floor surrounded by about 20-30 magazines.  I had gathered the magazines from my mother.  She seemed to have a knack for collecting books and magazines.  She had many Lifestyle and  Home & Garden magazines.  She had a few business magazines that I used as well.

It took me about 7 hours to complete and there was a lot of empty white space on the dream board.  I did not finish the dream board initially.





It took me almost 2 years to finish!!  There were so many things that I wanted to do.  There were spiritual goals, health goals, financial goals, and relationship goals that I had.  I wanted this board to represent my whole life.  My future.  I made the board in the fall of 2007.


Fast forward 2 years.  I heard about people turning their dream boards into movies.  I decided to make my own “dream movie”.  I took all of my goals and all the things that I wanted in life and I made a slideshow.  This slideshow had music and lasted about 12 minutes.


In my mind movie, I had pictures of the house I wanted, the car I wanted to drive, and my future wife.  For some reason, It seemed like I had more pictures of my future wife than anything else.

One month later:

In September 2009, I began to meditate about my dreams and goals.  I would spend time with God early in the morning.  I would read my bible for maybe 30 minutes.  Then I would say my affirmations for 5 minutes.  Affirmations are things you tell yourself to motivate yourself.  Affirmations are almost like your future self returning to the present to tell you how great you are.  I would say affirmations like, “I am blessed beyond belief.  I can’t believe how far God has brought me.  I see my beautiful wife, my beautiful house, and my beautiful life.  I baptize people daily.  God is my secret weapon.”  I would say these daily affirmations after I read my bible.  After repeating these affirmations out loud I would watch my mind movie with all of my dreams and goals.  Lastly, I would meditate.  I meditated like a typical monk would.  I would hum for about  15 minutes.  I would sit down on the floor “indian style”.


It took 60-90 minutes  to finish this morning routine.   Wake up, read the bible, say affirmations, and meditate.  But! After doing this each time, I felt rejuvenated.   I felt energized.  I felt like I had a purpose for life and I wasn’t just some ex-used-to-be-smart in high school guy still living at home with his parents at the age of 27.

(When I met Tania, I had no job, no car, and no money.  And I was still living at home with my parents!!)


After meditation, I would go about my day as usual.  I felt more calm after meditation.  My day seemed to go by smoother.  I had dreams and goals, even though I had no clue where I was going!  I would look at my dream board every day and especially before I went to sleep.  I would imagine the future wife of my dreams.



Tania and Paul-18



I didn’t know when I was going to realize my dreams.  The dream was so big and it seemed to be almost impossible.  Little did I know that I would meet my future wife because of those dreams and God of course.

So, somehow I needed to find a latin woman.  Where?!!  I had to choose between the 5 latin languages: Spanish, Romanian, French, Portuguese, and Italian.   My brother told me to go for an Italian woman.

So that’s what I did.

But first, she absolutely had to be spiritual.  She had to be in the Church of Christ.  So I decided to find a woman from the Church of Christ.

How do I find a dark-haired woman from the Church of Christ?

From my previous research I found that there are 5 latin languages.

  1. Spanish
  2. Romanian
  3. Portuguese
  4. French
  5. Italian

Again, I remembered that my brother told me to find an Italian woman.  Why did I listen to my brother?  Well, he usually has good advice.

So I translated Church of Christ into Italian which is “Chiesa di Cristo”.  I went on Facebook and I joined a Chiesa di Cristo Facebook group in Milan.  This was in 2009 when facebook groups were popular.

So now, it was time to send friend requests.

The first woman with dark hair that I added was Ina.  This is one of Tania’s friends.  The second dark-haired person I added was Tania.And then, I saw this photo:




And this was the photo of my dream wife:


Claudia bassols



Not bad.  eh?    God is amazing!!

You want to know something funny?

Tania doesn’t add people she doesn’t know!!  So, if I would’ve never added Ina, then I would have never added Tania!  God is good. Amen!

At the time, Tania had 89 friends on Facebook.  She had only been on Facebook for about 6 months.  She was new on Facebook.  I needed to get this girl before any other men saw her.

I was nervous and excited at the same time.  Who is this beautiful woman and why is she single???!!

I did not understand it at all!

“Are the men blind in Milan???” I thought.

I looked at her page and I realized that the words on her page weren’t in Italian.  I used Google Translate to find out what language she was using on her page.  Google Translate showed me she was using Romanian.  (She’s from Moldova actually.)

I sent her a message and she responded.   I was happy, nervous, and excited.    We only talked once per week.  I couldn’t wait to get a message from her.

Tania would send me many scriptures and I had never had a woman do that.    We had many spiritual conversations.  Not only was she beautiful physically, but she was beautiful spiritually.  We met on November 17, 2009 and we have been talking since.  She was in Milan and I was in Indiana.

We’ve talked on Facebook, Yahoo Messenger, Skype, and Google Hangouts for almost 5 years.

This relationship could not have been possible without God.  He has been guiding us for almost 5 years now!!  There were many times when we felt like giving up, but God gave us hope.  God gave us the faith we needed.



Tania and Paul-19


Thank you God for your love, for your patience, and for your son.  Thank you God because you were with us the whole time.  Many times, I did not know how we would see each other.  Many times,  I did not realize how this was going to work.  But, you showed me that I did not need to know “how”.  

You are our how, our why, our what, our when, our everything!!  I pray we can have a relationship with you until death.  Let us continue in your faith.  Let us continue in your love.

Please guide this marriage with your Holy Spirit and allow us to be obedient enough to be good servants unto you.

Thank you again.

In Jesus name, Amen.

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Who can find a virtuous woman? for her price is far above rubies.  (Proverbs 31:10)




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